Salty Paws!  Even dogs scream for ice cream!

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Salty Paws is right off the Pinellas Trail near Main Street.
Salty Paws Dunedin 
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How exciting!  Mom said she had a special treat for me because I was being an extra good boy, so she took me to this new little shop in Dunedin right beside the Pinellas Trail.  Wow!  Everything in the store was made especially for doggies like me.   

They have an ice cream bar and you can even pick out toppings.  Mom says that the ice cream is made just for dogs with ingredients that are healthy for us and won’t upset our tummies. 


And they had a whole lot more than just ice cream.  Mom also bought me some peanut butter cookies.  They had lots of sheets of cookies, just like a human bakery. 


They also had rows of barrels filled with chews of all sizes.  Some were for smaller dogs like me and some were huge!  I don’t even think I could fit them in my mouth. 


I also saw yappy meals, cupcakes, dog beer and little doggie accessories.   Mom says she might even let me have my adoption day party or a yappy hour there! All of my dog friends need to be good so their parents can take them to Salty Paws too.  

Mom even brought some Salty Paws treats and ice cream home with us, so you can get Salty Paws to go.


Where else would you put Florida’s first doggie ice cream shop besides Dogeden? 


Anyway, ‘til next time.  Woof!  Woof! 
Love, Pepper