Pepper Hams It Up for Doggie Glamour Shots Day!

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Striking a Pose at Honeymoon Island


Dorky Daisy Photography by Lisa Sampietro


My Mom wanted some pictures of us doing our favorite thing together... playing at dog beach at Honeymoon Island State Park, so she hired this nice lady Lisa to take them for us.

At first, I thought it was going to be a bad day with Mommy gone a lot because we got up really early and Mom got in the indoor rain thingy and put those weird bones in her hair and put colored stuff all over her face. But when we left, she took me with her and said we were going to the “beach, beach, beach,” which is my favorite thing to hear in the morning.


I love, love, love it when Mom takes me to the beach, beach, beach!


When we got there, Lisa had a brand new squeaky toy for me and lots of treats. They kept telling me to sit, then telling me to stay, then come, then asking me to walk fast with Mom. They couldn’t make up their minds about anything, but we did have fun. And Mom didn’t scold Lisa for giving me too many treats the way she usually does with the neighbors.


I can see Lisa over there holding the treats!  Yummy!


After the walking trail, we were off to the beach and it was time to PLAY!

They took pictures of me on the nature trail and on the beach and playing in the water too! Mom was with me in some of the pictures, but I was the sole star of most of them. Lisa kept using the squeaky toy to try to get me to keep my ears up a certain way. After a while, I just wanted to play in the water, so I kept my ears back on purpose.


Ears down and tail down because I want to play in the water!!!  I'll show them.


MOM!  I AM SO OVER THIS!  I want to play in the water!!!


And then I just rolled my eyes and made grumpy dog faces like I learned how to do from Patches.  The jokes on them. Half the time I knew what they wanted me to do, but I just held out for more treats!


Free at last!  It's play time in the water!  

Lisa making me look like the star of the movie!


If you want to learn more about how Lisa can help you, check her out at

Anyway, ‘til next time. Woof! Woof!

Love, Pepper